Preventative Maintenance

Freeport will conduct at least one Preventive Maintenance visit during the period of performance of the support plan.

Preventative maintenance includes:

  1. Testing and balancing all systems
  2. Updating manufacturer firmware and system software (only as required)
  3. Updating user and system documentation as necessary
  4. Balancing audio and video operations
  5. Cleaning screens, projector lenses, and other critical surfaces
  6. Lubricating moving parts as recommended by the manufacturers
  7. Adjusting and aligning projectors to maintain optimum focus
  8. Performing other system checks such as display working conditions, fault condition analysis, and hardware and software remedies

The findings of the Preventative Maintenance shall be reported to the customer upon review by the Customer Support Manager.  Any outstanding issues will be identified and an action plan to correct any deficiencies will be coordinated with the customer following Preventative Maintenance.

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