Custom Audio Visual Programming


Freeport Technologies staffs certified programmers with over 15 years of expertise writing source code for a variety of audio visual applications.  Our employees have formal vendor training and certifications along with degrees in computer science that cover data structure design, algorithm analysis and optimization, language semantics and patterns, canonical software design practices, artificial intelligence and machine learning, network communication protocols, human interface design criteria, and multithreaded parallel software design.

We analyze, design, and implement software solutions that comprise client/server architecture, database schema design, server business logic, web services, client user interface design, and hardware embedded software.  We focus on designing solutions that are scalable from small single systems to large enterprise systems.  Our designs are flexible for customers to configure and for future technologies to be incorporated.

We are versed in a wide range of modern programming languages and tools including AMX, Crestron, C, C++, C#, HTML5, CSS3, XML, XAML, SQL, JavaScript, and Python.





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