About Us

Freeport Technologies, Inc. has served the Federal Government and private sector communities since 1995. The Company’s core competencies encompass all disciplines of Audio Visual (AV) design and build to include enterprise‐wide AV infrastructure and facilities planning and implementation. Specific capabilities include designing, engineering, procuring, delivering, installing, integrating, programming, operating, testing,training, and maintaining specialized Secure and Non‐Secure AV information systems and data networks/systems for federal government agencies, state governments, and commercial organizations.

With a deep understanding of the desired room applications and end user requirements, Freeport is capable of designing systems that meet our customers’ current and future functional requirements. The Freeport approach includes:

  • Standards‐based, turn‐key AV systems that meet the specifications set forth by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for audio and video communications.

  • A demonstrated ability and in‐house expertise to provide complete detailed AutoCAD drawings for the construction requirements for AV room spaces.

  • Standardized approach to AV design and the use of mature business processes that allow us to produce detailed functional specification requirements documents.

  • Manufacturer‐neutral approach that can easily adapt to technology changes and multiple vendor equipment; resulting in an extended life of the AV room system while decreasing life cycle support costs.

  • Focus on delivering exceptional customer service through dependable responsiveness and timely problem resolution.

  • Staff that possesses numerous industry certifications required to design, build, and support complex AV systems.

  • Various cost effective customer support service plans that ensure ongoing successful operation of the AV systems.
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